In order to produce more useful products without sacrificing quality and durability; We manufacture our products in our own factory in order to reach you with our high production capacity and our professional staff.

All materials used for the product have been subjected to all necessary tests by internationally accredited test laboratories to show that they do not contain chemicals harmful to human health.We produce meticulously with using only genuine leather and finest materials for our products of suppliers that have proven themselves in their field.

Acting on the principle of "The health of our employees means the health of our company", it is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all its employees and visitors in order to prevent injuries and diseases by complying with the Occupational Health and Safety Law, Labor Law, regulation and relevant legislation.

Our designs are collected by our modelists, studies are done on them, the final processes are completed with discussions and small touches and collections begin to form. These special collections are delivered to our valued customers by controlling all production stages by meticulously.

Environmentally Conscious Production

With the awareness of sustainable living responsibility, Real Footwear aims to protect natural resources by making technological improvements in environmentally friendly production and efficiency, and to reduce the use of raw materials and energy. Real Footwear undertakes to organize its production processes in accordance with the requirements of the environmental management system and to comply with these requirements.


Sustainability is integral to the our company corporate ethos. We work ethically and responsibly with our all partners. We bring high standards in social, economic and environmental compliance to every part of our business.

We provide added value to our country by increasing our export figures throughout every year. Of course, while doing this, our main goal is to protect the world and provide a clean world to future generations.Not just production, we constantly research new ways to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and to produce sustainable footwears.

In view of this approach, Our company is running its operations in full compliance with the international standards regarding the provision of environmental and human safety. Our concept of working in harmony with the human health and environmental requirements by closely following up the local and international standards is applied along our total supply chain from our suppliers to our customers. Furthermore, the product development processes also take into consideration the compliance with the regulations regarding the human and environmental health.